I’ve been publishing work online since 2011 and designing for over 15 years.

I’m kind of obsessed with charts, and over the years mine have been featured on USA Today, Fast Company, Vox, Vulture, Mental Floss, A.V. Club, Bustle, Mashable, and more recently, designboomKottkeBoing Boing, and Laughing Squid. Last year, I was invited to host a solo show, “Chart Show” at The Laundry in San Francisco, and donated $1000 in print proceeds to the Hispanic Federation.

Writing + Design

I have bylines in BuzzFeed, Refinery29, Glamour, and The Bold Italic. I’ve made visual content for techies, public radio junkies, and maybe Miranda Priestly. I'm not above poop jokes or an innocent troll. I’ve made weird mashups of Lululemon and Liz Lemon, Gossip Girl and Lion KingDaria and Fashion Week, Kanye West and Dr. Bronner’s soap, and translated the wealth of tech CEOs and Apple into something more graspable (burritos). Most important, Ira Glass took my quiz.

Photo + Art Direction

I’ve taken photos of food and restaurants for NYMag (dot com), I’ve art directed and made photos and gifs for stories on BuzzFeed News. I’ve made my own photo-based content. I’ve even had the pleasure of photographing *clears throat* Andre Iguodala. I photographed the San Francisco Trans March, Dreamforce, the wild world of SF dispensaries, and can be found holding a camera and tripping over ribbons in this video

Enough about me

Ok ok a few more things: check out these write-ups on 20x200, and on Framebridge's meet the artist series.